Power and efficiency of Feynman ratchet

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Artem Ryabov (Charles University) Ekaterina Berestneva (Charles University)


We focus on an overdamped two-dimensional diffusion of a particle in a corrugated tilted periodic potential. The particle is subjected to two white noise sources with different intensities representing two heat baths at different temperatures. The model dynamics mimics a working principle of the famous Feynman ratchet and pawl. Using a perturbation expansion in potential width, which is similar in spirit to Fick-Jacobs theory, we obtain stationary probability current, mean velocity of the particle and also discuss energetics of the ratchets including its output power and efficiency. $ $ [1] V. Holubec, A. Ryabov, M. H. Yaghoubi, M. Varga, A. Khodaee, M. E. Foulaadvand and P. Chvosta, Thermal ratchet effect in confining geometries, Entropy 19, 119, 2017 [2] A. Ryabov, V. Holubec, M. H. Yaghoubi, M. Varga, M. E. Foulaadvand and P. Chvosta, Transport coefficients for a confined Brownian ratchet operating between two heat reservoirs, J. Stat. Mech. 2016, 093202, 2016

Primary author

Ekaterina Berestneva (Charles University)


Artem Ryabov (Charles University) Viktor Holubec (Charles University)

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