On the Uniformity of Laws of Nature

The 30th anniversary symposium is celebrated as an EPS conference of the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division


Year 2017 has been proclaimed by the Polish Physical Society as the Marian Smoluchowski Year, to commemorate life of the outstanding physicist (1872-1917) and his influential scientific contributions to physics, mathematics and contemporary science.

The scope of the 2017 Symposium will cover:

  • Nonequilibrium systems with large fluctuations and strong correlations
  • Stochastic and quantum thermodynamics
  • Fluctuation relations and large deviation theory
  • Decoherence, chaos and quantum-classical correspondence
  • Diffusive processes and weak ergodicity breaking
  • Fluctuation-dissipation relation in fluids, granular media, nano- and biological-systems
  • Active matter, collective phenomena in living systems
  • Nonlinear dynamics and turbulence
  • Complex networks
  • Simulations and modeling in polymer physics and soft matter
  • New frontiers in contemporary statistical physics Interdisciplinary applications