Fluctuating hydrodynamics of one-dimensional nonlinear chains

4 Sep 2017, 17:30
Aula ()


oral Session 3


Harald Posch (University of Vienna)


One-dimensional particle systems are known to be anomalous with respect to the dynamics of their hydrodynamic conserved fields and their related currents. We review some of the predictions of mode-mode coupling theory combined with exact results by Prähofer and Spohn [J. Stat. Phys., vol. 115, 255 (2004)] to derive asymptotic expressions for the time-correlation functions of the hydrodynamic modes and their currents. These results are compared to extensive computer simulations for two simple fluids with non-linear short-range interactions.

Primary author

Harald Posch (University of Vienna)


Henk van Beijeren (Utrecht University)

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