Quantum model of self-oscillations in chemical engines

5 Sep 2017, 11:00
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oral Session 5


Robert Alicki (University of Gdansk)


A standard textbook picture of solar, thermoelectric and fuel cells based on a direct transformation of light, heat or chemical energy into a direct current (DC) contradicts the basic principles of electrodynamics and thermodynamics. The proposed solution of this problem involves a single oscillating degree of freedom called work reservoir (depository) or a piston, which executes self-oscillations fed by a constant energy supply. In the mentioned examples, it is a mode of plasma oscillations and the resulting charge oscillations are finally rectified to DC by a diode mechanism. The onset of self-oscillations is illustrated by a simple quantum Markovian model of a harmonic oscillator coupled to chemical reservoirs. The proper definition of work output is discussed in terms of ergotropy.

Primary author

Robert Alicki (University of Gdansk)

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