The (random) matrix reloaded. Old tricks for new dogs - and return

Sep 6, 2017, 4:45 PM
oral EPL


Pierpaolo Vivo (King's College London)


Matrices with random entries - much like cats - enjoy several lives. Studied in one context, they usually prove more useful in another, giving rise to more and more baffling challenges and unexpected twists as time goes by. But, the field of random matrices is also plagued by false myths, inaccurate historical accounts, and true gems that - while jealously kept from our colleagues - would certainly deserve a better fate. I will give a cheerful account of the ‘old tricks’ of the trade in the occasion of the 89th birthday of Random Matrix Theory, and how well they assist us with a few - nasty - ‘new dogs’. Also, how technical advancements in the field have made it possible - at long last - to make significant progresses in our understanding of old problems. In the course of my talk, I will likely get many cats out of the bag - as progress in science often relies on not letting sleeping dogs lie!

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Pierpaolo Vivo (King's College London)

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