18-21 September 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Lévy flights in steep potential wells: Langevin modeling versus direct reponse to energy landscapes

20 Sep 2019, 10:00


Talk Session 5


Prof. Piotr Garbaczewski (University of Opole)


The Eliazar-Klafter targeted stochasticity concept , together and that of the reverse engineering (reconstruction of the stochastic process once a target pdf is a priori given), has been originally devised for Lévy-driven Langevin systems. Its generalization, discussed in [PRE 84, 011142, (2011)], involves a non-Langevin alternative which associates with the sam Levy driver and the same target pdf, another (Feynman-Kac formula related) confinement mechanism for Lévy flights, based on a direct reponse to energy (potential) landscapes, instead of that to conservative forces. We revisit the problem of Lévy motion in steep potential wells, addressed in [A.A. Kharcheva et al., J. Stat Mech., (2016), 054029] and [B. Dybiec et al. , PRE 95, 05201, (2017)] and discuss the alternative semigroup (Feynman-Kac) motion scenario. Our focus is on a link with the problem of boundary data (Dirichlet versus Neumann, or absorbing versus reflecting) for the Lévy motion and its generator on the interval (or bounded domain, in general).

Primary author

Prof. Piotr Garbaczewski (University of Opole)

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