30th Marian Smoluchowski Symposium on Statistical Physics

from Sunday, 3 September 2017 (08:00) to Friday, 8 September 2017 (18:00)

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4 Sep 2017
5 Sep 2017
6 Sep 2017
7 Sep 2017
8 Sep 2017
Session 0 -Prof. Ewa Gudowska-Nowak (until 10:30) (Aula)
09:00 Opening   (Aula)
09:30 Marian Smoluchowski his life and works - Bogdan Cichocki (Instytut Fizyki Teoretycznej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego)   (Aula)
10:00 Arrays of coupled two-state oscillators - Katja Lindenberg (University of California, San Diego)   (Aula)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Session 1 -Prof. Ewa Gudowska-Nowak (until 12:30) (Aula)
11:00 Entropy facilitated active transport - J. Miguel Rubi (University of Barcelona)   (Aula)
11:30 (Quantum)-Thermodynamics at strong coupling and its implications for Stochastic Thermodynamics - Peter Hänggi (University of Augsburg)   (Aula)
12:00 Life at the edge, complexity and criticality in biological function - Dante Chialvo (Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences (CEMSC3). Universidad Nacional de San Martin & CONICET. San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina)   (Aula)
Session 4 -Prof. Katja Lindenberg (University of California San Diego) (until 10:30) (Aula)
09:00 Intermediate asymptotics and aging phenomena in anomalous transport by flows. - Igor Sokolov (Humboldt University Berlin)   (Aula)
09:30 Aging transient superdiffusive dynamics in in vivo neuronal mRNP transport: a Levy walk description - Jae Hyung Jeon (Department of Physics, Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH))   (Aula)
10:00 Anomalous diffusion, ageing, and non-errodicity - Ralf Metzler (University of Potsdam)   (Aula)
Session 4 -Dr. Lukasz Machura (University of Silesia) (until 10:30) (56)
09:00 Induced motion of a probe in contact with a nonequilibrium medium - Christian Maes (KU Leuven)   (56)
09:30 How to measure load-dependent kinetics of individual motor molecules without a force-clamp - Henrik Flyvbjerg (Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark)   (56)
10:00 Modelling heart rhytm variability in heart transplant patients by cellular automata on complex networks - Danuta Makowiec (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, University of Gdansk)   (56)
Session 4 -Dr. Maciej Majka (Jagiellonian University) (until 10:30) (30)
09:00 Nonergodic dynamics in the plasma membrane of living cells - Diego Krapf (Colorado State University)   (30)
09:30 Isothermal Langevin dynamics in systems with power-law spatially dependent friction - Oded Farago (Ben Gurion University)   (30)
10:00 Large deviations of surface height in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation - Baruch Meerson (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)   (30)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session 5 -Prof. Miguel Rubi (until 12:30) (Aula)
11:00 Nonequilibrium steady states in Langevin thermal systems - Hyunggyu Park (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)   (Aula)
11:30 Brownian yet non-Gaussian Diffusion - Aleksei Chechkin (Akhiezer Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (Aula)
12:00 Transport of granular materials in turbulent flows (or sand in streams) - Rina Schumer (Desert Research Institute)   (Aula)
Session 5 -Prof. Henrik Flyvbjerg (Technical University of Denmark) (until 12:30) (56)
11:00 A mesoscopic model for the DNA G-quadruplex stability analysis - Alessandro Fiasconaro (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)   (56)
11:30 Diffusion of a tagged particle in two dimensional elastic networks - Michael Lomholt (University of Southern Denmark)   (56)
11:50 Stochastic gene expression in cells undergoing division - Anna Ochab-Marcinek (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences)   (56)
12:10 Mechanical interactions affect biological evolution in bacterial colonies - Bartlomiej Waclaw (University of Edinburgh)   (56)
Session 5 -Prof. Piotr Garbaczewski (University of Opole, Poland) (until 12:30) (30)
11:00 Quantum model of self-oscillations in chemical engines - Robert Alicki (University of Gdansk)   (30)
11:30 Order in quantum compass and orbital $e_g$ models - Andrzej M. Oles (Jagiellonian University)   (30)
11:50 Path integral formalism of quantum thermodynamics - Ken Funo (Peking University)   (30)
12:10 Quantum measurements of work fluctuations - Karen Hovhannisyan (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark)   (30)
Session 8 -Prof. Peter McClintock (Lancaster University) (until 10:30) (Aula)
09:00 Looping and direct transit in Brownian particle escape from force-biased and entropic traps - Sergey Bezrukov (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA)   (Aula)
09:30 Diffusive escape through a narrow opening: new insights into a classic problem - Gleb Oshanin (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de la Matière Condensée (UMR CNRS 7600) Sorbonne Universités - UPMC, Paris, France)   (Aula)
10:00 Anomalous quantum diffusion of hydrogen atoms in proteins - Gerald Kneller (University of Orleans / CNRS)   (Aula)
Session 8 -Dr. Andrzej Krawiecki (Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology) (until 10:35) (56)
09:00 Autonomous thermal motors - Alberto Imparato (University of Aarhus, Department of Physics and Astronomy)   (56)
09:20 Out-of-equilibrium physics in spontaneous synchronization - Stefano Ruffo (SISSA)   (56)
09:50 Lyapunov spectral analysis of randomly coupled systems - Anandamohan Ghosh (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata)   (56)
10:05 Novel ordered phases in coupled driven systems: large compact clusters and fast dynamics - Sakuntala Chatterjee (S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, India)   (56)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session 9 -Prof. Ralf Metzler (University of Potsdam) (until 12:35) (Aula)
11:00 Eliminating inertia of a stochastic microswimmer with constant speed - Lutz Schimansky-Geier (Department of Physics, Humboldt-University at Berlin)   (Aula)
11:30 Heterogeneous continuous time random walk on graphs - Liubov Tupikina (Ecole Polytechnique)   (Aula)
11:45 Dynamics of self-propelled colloidal particles in viscoelastic fluids - Juan Ruben Gomez Solano (Universitaet Stuttgart)   (Aula)
12:00 The quantum first detection problem: from the energy spectrum to the detection probabilities - Felix Thiel (Bar-Ilan University)   (Aula)
12:15 Switching of wake-mediated interaction caused by blockade effect and collective wake formation - Oleksandr Kliushnychenko (Institute of Physics, NASU, Kiev, Ukraine)   (Aula)
Session 9 -Dr. Jeremi Ochab (M. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Kraków) (until 12:35) ()
11:00 Diffusion and dynamic scaling in concentrated charge-stabilized colloidal suspensions - Gerhard Naegele (Forschungszentrum Jülich, ICS-3)   ()
11:30 Exact solution for a $1+1$ etching model. - Fernando Oliveira (Universidade de Brasília)   ()
12:00 Subdiffusion in a system consisting of two different media - Tadeusz Kosztolowicz (Institute of Physics, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce)   ()
12:15 Random dynamics in a trap: killing vs survival - Piotr Garbaczewski (University of Opole)   ()
Session 12 -Prof. Fernando Oliveira (Universidade de Brasília) (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Individual and network heterogeneity in agent-based models - Raul Toral (IFISC)   ()
09:30 Coordination games on networks - Adam Kleczkowski (University of Stirling, Scotland)   ()
09:50 Mean-potential law in evolutionary games - Jacek Miekisz (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Warsaw)   ()
10:10 Spin-glass-like transition in the majority vote model with contrarians - Andrzej Krawiecki (Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology)   ()
Session 12 -Prof. Aleksei Chechkin (Institute for Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam) (until 10:35) (56)
09:00 A Boltzmann-distribution-equivalent for Levy noise and how it leads to thermodynamically consistent epicatalysis - Martin Bier (East Carolina University)   (56)
09:20 Stochastic processes for fractional kinetics with application to anomalous diffusion in living cells - Gianni Pagnini (BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao, Basque Country - Spain)   (56)
09:35 Microscopic derivation of coloured Lévy flights in active swimmers' suspensions - Andrea Cairoli (Imperial College London)   (56)
09:50 Second order optimization may lead to Lévy walks - Lukasz Kusmierz (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)   (56)
10:05 Operational method for fractional Fokker-Planck equation - Katarzyna Gorska (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)   (56)
Session 12 -Prof. Lech Longa (Jagiellonian University) (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Bottlebrush polymers: from dilute solutions to super-soft rubbers - Jaroslaw Paturej (University of Szczecin)   ()
09:20 Translational and rotational Brownian motion of particles of complex shapes - Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
09:40 Forces from temperature quenches in thermal and active matter - Christian Rohwer (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)   ()
10:00 Dynamics of diluted confined systems - Paolo Malgaretti (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)   ()
10:15 Temperature gradient induced solvent coarsening around colloids - Anna Maciolek (ICHF PAN)   ()
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session 13 -Prof. Paweł Góra (until 12:30) ()
11:00 Guessing the direction of Time's Arrow: theory and experiment - Christopher Jarzynski (University of Maryland, College Park)   ()
11:30 Eliminating ensembles from equilibrium statistical physics: Maxwell's demon, Szilard's engine, and thermodynamics via entanglement - Wojciech Zurek (Los Alamos)   ()
12:00 Microreversibility, current fluctuations, and entropy production in nonequilibrium systems - Pierre Gaspard (Universite Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.))   ()
12:30 --- Lunch Break ---
Session 2 -Prof. Peter Hänggi (University of Augsburg) (until 16:00) ()
14:30 Dynamics of classical isolated disordered systems - Leticia, F Cugliandolo (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)   ()
15:00 Quantum first detection time - Eli Barkai (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)   ()
15:30 Mesoscopic and metastable quantum systems - Bernardo Spagnolo (University of Palermo)   ()
Session 2 -Prof. Robert Holyst (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS) (until 16:00) (56)
14:30 A tribute to Marian Smoluchowski's legacy on colloid type matter aggregation, and related issues - Adam Gadomski (UTP University of Science and Technology Bydgoszcz, Poland)   (56)
15:00 Stationary diffusion among partially reactive sinks: from von Smoluchowski to recent advances - Denis Grebenkov (CNRS)   (56)
15:20 Stochastic advection-reaction-diffusion model for phytoplankton populations in a 2D spatial domain - Davide Valenti (Department of Physics and Chemistry, University of Palermo)   (56)
15:40 Thermodynamic activation energy for self diffusion and order-order relaxation in intermetallic compounds: atomistic model and Monte Carlo simulations - Rafal Abdank-Kozubski (M. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University in Krakow)   (56)
Session 2 -Prof. Zbigniew Grzywna (Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry) (until 16:00) (30)
14:30 Transient anomalous diffusion in ratchet systems - Jerzy Luczka (University of Silesia)   (30)
15:00 Temperature-abnormal diffusivity and weak ergodicity breaking in space-periodic systems driven by external forces - Ivan Marchenko (National Scientific Centre “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”)   (30)
15:20 Time-dependent fluctuations and superdiffusivity in the driven lattice Lorentz gas - Thomas Franosch (Universität Innsbruck)   (30)
15:40 Variational formula for the current generating function and finite-time thermodynamic uncertainty relations - Andreas Dechant (Kyoto University)   (30)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Session 3 -Dr. Bartłomiej Dybiec (IF UJ) (until 18:00) (Aula)
16:30 Progressive quenching - Ken Sekimoto (Univ. Paris-Diderot & ESPCI)   (Aula)
17:00 Foundations of the local equilibrium concept - Rudolf Hilfer (Universitaet Stuttgart)   (Aula)
17:30 Fluctuating hydrodynamics of one-dimensional nonlinear chains - Harald Posch (University of Vienna)   (Aula)
Session 3 -Prof. Aleksander Weron (Hugo Steinhaus Center, Faculty of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Politechnika Wrocławska) (until 18:05) (56)
16:30 Harmonic spectral components in time sequences of Markov correlated events with an application to EEG and MEG signals - Anna Carbone (Politecnico di Torino)   (56)
17:00 Characterizing rare fluctuations in soft particulate flows - S. H. E. Rahbari (KIAS)   (56)
17:20 Glass transition as the consequence of spatially correlated stochastic dynamics - Maciej Majka (Jagiellonian University)   (56)
17:35 Long range correlations in dynamical systems and in observed data - Holger Kantz (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)   (56)
Session 3 -Prof. Maciej A. Nowak (Jagiellonian University) (until 18:00) (30)
16:30 Dynamical maps on quantum Orlicz spaces - Wladyslaw Adam Majewski (The Gdansk University)   (30)
17:00 Where are we with the understanding of a collective dynamics of quasi-periodically perturbed particles? - Aneta Stefanovska (Physics Department, Lancaster University)   (30)
17:30 Aerated Poisson distributions and their exact approximants. - Prof. Karol Penson (University Paris 6)   (30)
18:30 --- Get Together Party ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Session 6 -Prof. Krzysztof Burnecki (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology) (until 15:30) (Aula)
14:00 Deep learning – results, origin and relation to statistical physics - Czeslaw Jedrzejek (Poznan University of Technology)   (Aula)
14:30 Memory in stochastic and chaotic processes - Andrzej Fulinski (M. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Łojasiewicza 11, Kraków, Poland Polish Academy of Arts & Sciences, Sławkowska 17, 31-016 Kraków, Poland)   (Aula)
14:50 Generalized Poisson-Kac processes in statistical physics, thermodynamics and transport - Massimiliano Giona (University of Rome La Sapienza DICMA)   (Aula)
15:10 An anomalous diffusion approach to stochastic modeling for single molecule tracking of receptors and proteins at cell surface - Aleksander Weron (Hugo Steinhaus Center, Faculty of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Politechnika Wrocławska)   (Aula)
Session 6 -Dr. Anna Ochab-Marcinek (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences) (until 15:30) (56)
14:00 Principles of design of artifical and biological molecular engines - Robert Holyst (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS)   (56)
14:30 Complex dynamics of genomic sites in the nucleus of live cells - Yuval Garini (Bar Ilan University)   (56)
15:00 Navigation and target search on human chromosomes - Ludvig Lizana (Umeå University)   (56)
15:15 Griffiths phases on a large human Open Connectome network - Geza Odor (MTA-EK-MFA, Research Center for Energy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)   (56)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session 7 -Prof. Martin Bier (East Carolina University) (until 17:40) (Aula)
16:00 Stochastic dynamics in biological ion channels - Peter McClintock (Department of Physics, Lancaster University)   (Aula)
16:30 Stochastic modeling of diffusion in dynamical systems: three examples - Rainer Klages (Queen Mary University of London)   (Aula)
17:00 Understanding cooperativity and dynamic disorder in fluctuating enzymes at the single molecule level - Srabanti Chaudhury (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)   (Aula)
17:20 Evolution of information within sEMG signals in the process of treatment - Lukasz Machura (University of Silesia)   (Aula)
Session 7 -Prof. Paweł Góra (until 17:40) (56)
16:00 Nonuniversality of heat engine efficiency at maximum power - Sang Hoon Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)   (56)
16:15 Carnot efficiency is attainable in an irreversible process - Jaesung Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)   (56)
16:35 Two forms of heat transfer via interaction with heat bath - Chulan Kwon (Myongji University)   (56)
16:55 Identification of spatial diffusivity patches by the wavelet processing of single-particle trajectories - Eugene Postnikov (Kursk State University)   (56)
17:10 Some analytical methods of solutions to nonlinear diffusion equation - Zbigniew Grzywna (Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry)   (56)
12:35 --- Lunch ---
EPS -Prof. Christian Beck (Queen Mary, University of London) (until 16:10) (Aula)
14:00 What is Complexity? - Grassberger Peter (Forschungszentrum Juelich)   (Aula)
14:30 A bird's eye view of Nonlinear Physics - Itamar Procaccia (The Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Aula)
15:00 Measuring effective temperatures in a Generalized Gibbs ensemble - Laura Foini (École Normale Supérieure, Paris)   (Aula)
15:30 Generic properties of stochastic entropy production - Edgar Roldan (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)   (Aula)
16:10 --- Coffee break ---
EPL -Prof. John Enderby (Sir) (until 17:45) ()
16:45 The (random) matrix reloaded. Old tricks for new dogs - and return - Pierpaolo Vivo (King's College London)   ()
17:15 Random matrices meet trapped fermions - Gregory Schehr (Universite Paris-Sud, CNRS)   ()
17:45 --- Reception (sponsored by EPL) ---
14:00 --- Collegium Maius Tours ---
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 18:30) (Auditorium Maximum)
19:00 --- Banquet ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
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