33rd M. Smoluchowski Symposium on Statistical Physics

from Thursday, 3 December 2020 (08:50) to Friday, 4 December 2020 (20:00)

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3 Dec 2020
4 Dec 2020
S1 (until 11:00) ()
08:50 Opening   ()
09:00 Super-spreaders in the Corona Epidemics - Prof. Kim Sneppen (Niels Bohr Institute)   ()
09:30 Using stochastic models to describe the coronavirus epidemic - Prof. Adam Kleczkowski (Univ. of Strathclyde)   ()
10:00 Energy cascade in internal wave attractors - Thierry Dauxois (CNRS & ENS de Lyon)   ()
10:30 Spectral content of a single trajectory - Gleb Oshanin (Theoretical Condensed Matter, Sorbonne Universités / CNRS)   ()
S4 (until 10:50) ()
09:00 Galilean invariance for stochastic diffusive dynamics - Rainer Klages (Queen Mary University of London)   ()
09:30 Anomalous Diffusion and Generalized Cattaneo Equation - Katarzyna Gorska (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
09:50 Geometrical Optics of Constrained Brownian Motion - Baruch Meerson (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)   ()
10:10 Effective Langevin equations leading to large deviation function of time-averaged velocity for a nonequilibrium Rayleigh piston - Masato Itami (Nagoya University)   ()
10:30 Random walks with asymmetric time delays - Prof. Jacek Miękisz (University of Warsaw)   ()
S2 (until 13:50) ()
12:00 Packets of diffusing particles exhibit universal exponential tails - Eli Barkai (Bar Ilan Univeristy)   ()
12:30 Loopy Lévy flights enhance tracer diffusion in active suspensions - Dr. Adrian Baule   ()
12:50 Extreme-Value Statistics of Stochastic Transport Processes - Alexandre Guillet   ()
13:10 Confined random motion: What is statistics? Gaussian or Laplacian? - Aleksander Stanislavsky   ()
13:30 Variational Approach to KPZ: Fluctuation Theorems, Large Deviation Function, and Probability Distribution Function - Prof. Horacio S. Wio (Inst.Fisica Interdisc.&Sist.Compl.)   ()
S3 (until 18:00) ()
16:00 Optimization and Growth in First-Passage Resetting - Sidney Redner (Santa Fe Institute)   ()
16:30 Restart: The Physics Of Starting Anew - Shlomi Reuveni (Tel Aviv University)   ()
17:00 Lévy Noise, Time-Reversal Symmetry, Nonequilibrium Stochastic Thermodynamics, and Bak’s Sandpile - Martin Bier (East Carolina University)   ()
17:20 Simple mathematical models for self-propelled motion on the water surface. - Jerzy Gorecki (ICHF PAN)   ()
17:40 Pre-poster session - Paweł Góra (Jagiellonian University)   ()
Poster Session (until 19:15) ()
18:00 Detection of interaction and energy exchange with invisible partners in localized Brownian dumbbells - Dr. Alexander S. Serov (Decision and Bayesian Computation, Department of Computational Biology, Department of Neurosciences, CNRS USR 3756, CNRS UMR 3571, Institut Pasteur, 25 rue du Docteur Roux, Paris, 75015, France)   ()
18:01 Statistical physics of inhomogeneous transport equations: first passage to the space-dependent diffusion - Dr. Roman Belousov (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics)   ()
18:02 Kramers-like problem for underdamped Levy flights - Mr. Karol Capała (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University)   ()
18:03 Exploring shape space for densest random sequential adsorption packing - Mr. Konrad Kozubek (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University)   ()
18:05 Photoluminescence of Complex Systems - Ambra Lattanzi (Institute of Nuclear Physics IFJ-PAN, Krakòw, Poland - ENEA FSN-FUSPHYS-TSM, Frascati (Rome), Italy)   ()
18:06 Temperature-dependent Smoluchowski equations - Prof. Nikolai Brilliantov (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)   ()
18:07 Energetics of critical oscillators in active bacterial baths - Ashwin Gopal (University of Luxembourg)   ()
18:08 Electronic relaxation in solution: Exact solution of multi-state problems in time domain - Ms. Swati Mudra (Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, HP, India)   ()
18:09 Search efficiency of (discrete) fractional Brownian motion in a random distribution of targets - Seyed Mohsen Jebreiil Khadem (Technische Universität Berlin)   ()
18:10 Efficiency of energy harvesting out of colored Lévy fluctuations, by a harmonic piezoelectric transducer - Martín E. Giuliano   ()
18:11 Exploring "inverse stochastic resonance” and nonstandard stochastic resonance with information-theoretic tools - Nataniel Martinez (IFIMA-CONICET)   ()
18:12 Phase transitions in the q-voter model with generalized anticonformity - Mrs. Angelika Abramiuk-Szurlej (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)   ()
18:13 Numerical solution of temperature-dependent Smoluchowski equations - Mr. Alexander Osinsky (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)   ()
18:14 Combinatorial aspects of the scattering on the Dirac delta potential - Przemysław Nowak (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Physics)   ()
18:15 Cyclic Kuramoto models and Byzantine attack - Paweł Góra (Jagiellonian University)   ()
18:16 The study of structure influence on diffusion across alginate membranes filled with magnetite - Anna Strzelewicz (Silesian University of Technology)   ()
18:17 Diffusion-controlled reactions: Extension of time-dependent Smoluchowski’s rate coefficient to reactions in media with relaxation - Prof. Sergey Traytak (N.N. Semenov Federal Research Center for Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences)   ()
18:18 Finite element modelling of atomic force indentation of an animal cell - Leszek Krzemien (Instytut Katalizy i Fizykochemii Powierzchni im. Jerzego Habera Polskiej Akademii Nauk)   ()
18:19 Steady oscillations in kinetic model of aggregation process with collisional fragmentation - Dr. Sergey Matveev (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)   ()
18:20 Experimental study of the energy flux between two NESS thermostats. - Dr. Antoine Naert (ENS - Lyon, France)   ()
18:21 Determination of psychotic behaviour using a network of chemical oscillators - Ms. Ashmita Bose (Institute of Physical chemistry,Polish Academy of sciences)   ()
18:22 Force spectroscopy in the study of endometrial diseases - Mrs. Agnieszka Kurek (Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences) Dr. Jakub Barbasz (Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
18:23 Moments of the Van Hove dynamic scattering law - Dr. Ryszard Wojnar (Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN)   ()
18:24 Generalised ‘Arcsine’ laws for run-and-tumble particle in one dimension - Mr. Prashant Singh (ICTS-TIFR)   ()
18:25 Express your scientific track record in just three numbers - Dr. Grzegorz Siudem (Warsaw University of Technology)   ()
18:26 Nanoscale Lubrication in Model Biosystems as Rationalized in Terms of Fractons and Spectral-Mechanical Properties of Networked Biopolymers in Solutions - ADAM GADOMSKI (UTP UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY BYDGOSZCZ, POLAND)   ()
18:26 The effect of substrate roughness on random sequential adsorption packing properties - Mr. Piotr Kubala (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University)   ()
S5 (until 14:20) ()
12:00 Spontaneous symmetry breaking of active phase in coevolving nonlinear voter model - Arkadiusz Jędrzejewski (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)   ()
12:20 The q-voter model with attractive and repulsive interactions and independence on random graphs - Dr. Andrzej Krawiecki (Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology)   ()
12:40 Modeling Echo Chambers and Polarization Dynamics in Social Networks - Fabian Baumann (Humbold University at Berlin)   ()
13:00 Symmetries and asymmetries of times to complete a chemical cycle - Artem Ryabov (Charles University)   ()
13:20 Continuous time-reversal and the thermodynamic uncertainty relation - Dr. Andreas Dechant (Department of Physics I, Kyoto University)   ()
13:40 The role of ergotropy in the quantum thermodynamics - Dr. Marcin Łobejko (University of Gdansk)   ()
S6 (until 18:00) ()
16:00 Thermodynamics in biology: From molecular motors to metabolism - Massimiliano Esposito (University of Luxembourg)   ()
16:30 On zero-delay synchronization in a network of timed automata modeling cardiac tissue - Danuta Makowiec (Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Gdańsk)   ()
17:00 Protein noise floor in gene expression: How cell growth and division contribute to it? - Anna Ochab-Marcinek (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
17:20 Biological Networks Regulating Cell Fate Choice Are Minimally Frustrated - Prof. David Kessler (Bar-Ilan University)   ()
17:40 Diffusion limitations and translocation barriers in atomically thin biomimetic pores - Michael Zwolak (NIST)   ()
Online concert (until 20:00) ()